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Our 11th Number 22 and a beer is again from André Sander and Jill Koglatis of Berlin. Thanks! Not only is the restaurant something new for us, this contribution is proof that simply by adhering to the Number 22 and a beer strategy of ordering, you can still get a table at a full restaurant, even without knowing the maitre d’! But read on dear visitor:

This time André and Jill have found a truly exotic restaurant and take us on a culinary excursion to Ethiopia.

And what an optical event it is!

I have never been to Ethiopa, and only once ate an ethiopian meal, in that well-known capital of Ethiopian ex-pats, Minneapolis, Minnesota. And it was truly memorable.

It left me filled for days, which I ascribe to the traditional ethiopian bread, known as injera. Made from flour of an ethiopan grass called teff, which is mixed with water and left to ferment for several days. But I guess the baking of the bread doesn’t stop the fermantation process completely, and about two hours after the meal, the belly puffs up and a slight, let me call it, “discomfort” sets in. But the stuff on the teff bread was purely magical and extremely spicy.

photo: andré sander for number 22 and a beer

photo: andré sander for number 22 and a beer

Zietenstrasse 8
10783 Berlin
TEL: 004930 / 2625933


Our advice: call for reservations!

Price of meal: 17 Euros, Beer 3 Euros, Maxi-Malz (Malt beer) 2,10 Euros

Number 22: Vegetarian selection for two

The place was quite packed, we nearly did not get a table. But knowing in advance what we would eat, really reduces the time spent staring into menus, so we could assure the owner that we would be out in an hour.

The food looked as if it had expected the photo shoot. Different delicious lentil stuff, some of it spicy, some of it with horseradish, something containing potatoes, dollops of kale, tomato salad. Served with ethiopian sourdough bread, and to be eaten without cutlery, so wash your hands! It all tasted very good, and it was very filling.

The photo does not do the interior design justice, it is really really, erm, colourful and the place smells of incense. If you cannot stand the smell of incense, wait for warmer temperatures and sit outside, where as an added bonus you can see people sneaking into the swinger club on the other side of the road.


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I just poured myself a glass of wine and am doing a little shimmy, because here at Number 22 and a beer it’s time to celebrate our 10th Number 22 and a beer!

But there is no time to rest on our laurels. The past 36 days have brought a lot of visitors to the site. Many more than I would have guessed, given the slim premise of the site and amateurish administration of your’s truly. (It’s actually around 7,000 visitors! Wow, that surprised me a bit.)

But it could be so much more! Together we can get this movement to go global, starting a world-wide revolution, a quest for the elusive magical Number 22 which may bring world peace and prosperity to all. YES WE CAN! Oh sorry it’s just all so exciting!

Regrettably our 10th Number 22 isn’t. Exciting, I mean.

That is by no means criticism of the contributor Heimo Tscherne who has two blogs worth visiting (if you speak german, all the better) schwarzthoughts.wordpress.com/ and bretterderwelt, which is brand-spanking new and, dare I say, no less bizarre than my little project here. But heck, champiñones con patates isn’t what I would consider rocking gastronomy. But here at Number 22 and a beer we play the ball where it lies. So without further adue, a less than spectacular plate of stuff the cat brought in. (Heimo, I commend you.) Oh and be sure to follow the link to Olé Madrid’s website. Web 0.3 in the house!

One more thing: Spread the word folks, please! Have you got good business contacts abroad? Then let them know about this site. Travelling to distant lands? Drop me a line, like everybody, I love a souvenir with a bit of heart put into it. And keep reading and commenting!

photo: heimo tscherne for Number 22 and a beer

photo: heimo tscherne for Number 22 and a beer

Häberlstraße 15
80337 München

Price : 2,50 Euro, 3,00 Euro the beer.

This number 22 comes from the Spanish restaurant Olé Madrid in Munich.

The restaurant is next to Goetheplatz, I had never been there before this visit. The room is big and tries to create a certain southern flair. The service is fast and the list of tapas is long. Number 22 here is regrettably only champiñones con patatas a tapas of mushrooms and potatoes. Keeping with the idea of taking a number 22 without thinking about the consequences, I nevertheless ordered it. The cook apparently was NOT having his best day. I have never heard about this restaurant again.

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To make your life easier, and the path to Number 22 and a beer faster and stress-free, we’ve ditched the wordpress in the URL. Yes we shelled out the big bucks for you.

The new domain name is now: 22andabeer.com

But not to worry: all links linking the old address will be redirected.

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Kudos to our first mutliple contributor, Holger Börner! ¡Ay, Caramba!

Not only is Holger apparently a true believer in the “Number 22 and a beer” idea he really, really must like to eat.

I am a lover of true mexican food, and yes I do also mean pickled pigs ears and nopales, a delightfully spicy-sour condiment made of marinated cactus. Fortunate enough to have lived in the USA for many years, I have been able to sample many fine mexican meals, including a wonderful home cooked Pollo en Mole from the salad lady at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Chicago. (Over fifteen years ago, but not forgotten!) Regrettably (at least as far as mexican food is concerned) I moved to Germany. And there is only one place where mexican food tasted worse than in Germany: a chain I would consider hell in form of a restaurant, Chi-Chi’s. Which incidentally had to close all of its restaurants in 1994, after an outbreak of hepatitis in a restaurant in Pennsylvania (Oy, the irony!) With all respect to Holger, I do urge any and all readers to take caution when choosing mexican food in Germany. Although hepatitis is probably unlikely, bad food is probable.
It’s sad. But true.

Here then is Holger’s report. (In the background when can discern Holger’s companion’s meal (number 23): a steak with a side order of bleeding fingers, it seems.)

photo: Holger Börner for Number 22 and a beer

photo: Holger Börner for Number 22 and a beer

Wittenbergplatz 3
10787 Berlin/Germany
U-Bahn Wittenbergplatz

Opening hours:
su-th 9:00-24:00
fr-sa 9:00-2:00

Date eaten: March 18 2009

Price: € 11,50, Beer € 3,50

¡hola ricura! el número 22 y una cerveza, por favor

Pollo a la piña
Strips of chicken breast together with pineapple, vegetables, rice and salad

A large portion with lots of salad, it was a filling meal- for me at least. This dish is listed under “specialties” and tastes very good.

Paydos belongs to a series of three restaurants next to each other on the north side of the Wittenbergplatz, with a view of KaDeWe, (Berlin’s big department store). The interior is very nice, and one might be tempted to think of oneself in Mexico.
The service was friendly and pretty, at least at lunch when I visited. Because of the central location in Berlin’s West Center I presume reservations are recommended in the evening, when the place could be rather full.

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I am glad to say that I am back and all bones are where they should be, and in as many segments as our maker intended.

The snow, sun and skiing were great, but sadly no 22s were to be found in the Austrian Alps. While I was away a few more did come in from faithful readers. This entry is from Jill Koglatis (text) and André Sander (photo) from Berlin. Thanks for your contribution!

Above all I would like to commend André and Jill for their bravery. Actually eating in a restaurant that uses dishes such as those pictured below, is a feat I would compare to willing yourself to jump off a bridge attached by nothing more than a rubber band. For some reason I can’t help thinking the restaurant owners must have picked up the china at the going-out-of-business-sale of this fine establishment.

photo:  André Sander for Number 22 and a beer

photo: André Sander for Number 22 and a beer

Mr. Long
Kollwitzstraße 89
10435 Berlin

(The actual menu and the one available online differ.)

Noodle soup with chicken, 5,50 €
(Beer: Saigon, 2,70 €)

We were a bit disappointed that number 22 was a soup, but since we skipped ordering number 22 at another place a few days ago because it was soup, this time we did not chicken out.
The soup looked very healthy, was a bit spicy and not the ideal dish for people who hate cilantro and the like.
The staff was friendly (in Berlin this always has to be mentioned).

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Is there a 22 in here?

We will be taking a few days off. See you soon I hope. And hopefully I will have a new 22 or more in my suitcase when I return.

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This Number 22 and a beer comes to us from Tobias Krämer. I am always happy to have non-asian 22s, if only to knock over the stereotype that only Asian restaurants use numbers. Actually I am currently thinking about calling my local government representative to have him sponsor a bill at the EU, that would require all restaurants to number their menus. Even the ones with really good food.

Tobias Number 22 and a beer is from a portuguese place in Hamburg, Germany. I know this area well as it is in my hometown, and being near the harbor this listing is particularly of interest for tourists who plan to visit Hamburg reading this site, I love my hometown but this quote from comedian Mike Myers as Dieter on the hilarous SNL-Skit “sprockets” sums up the atmosphere of this city best:” Ahh, Hamburg. A place where you can skate home on other people’s frozen vomit.”

photo: Tobias Krämer for Number 22 and a beer

Restaurant O Pescador
Ditmar-Koel-Straße 17
D-20459 Hamburg

Telephone: +49.(0)40.319 30 00


Price: appr. 6 Euros

My Nummer 22 & a beer comes from a nice portuguese Restaurant in Hamburg, Germany, which is called “O Pescador”. It is a two minutes walk from the S- and U-Bahn Station “Landungsbrücken” to the Ditmar-Koel-Straße, where a lot of portuguese and spanish restaurants reside.
Number 22 is a starter called “Tapas Chef Style” with ham, cheese, olives and pickles. This dish itself is nothing special, but the fish in that restaurant is awesome.
So if you like fish and don’t want to spend much money (6€ the starter, about 12€ the main couse), it is a good choise to go there. There is a nice atmosphere and decoration, but you should make a reservation if you don’t want to wait for a free table.

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