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So long.

I’ll make it short: I don’t have time for this, as I am now actively pursuing my real blog once again. Those interested can find me here.

Thanks to all contributors but the joke has worn thin….


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Thanks for all your get well wishes. I am up and running again, as soon as I have taken care of the stuff that pays the bills, I’ll be back at work on the next 22 and a beer!

Danke für die Genesungswünsche. Ich brauche leider noch etwas Zeit, bis ich mich wieder der Arbeit hier widmen kann. Aber es wird weiter gehen!

Ein großes Lob an die Pfleger, Schwestern und Ärzte im Israelitischen Krankenhaus Hamburg!

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I am off to the hospital and shutting down the blog for the next three weeks. Hope to be back blogging healthier and minus 25 cm of innards soon. 

Until then: keep the site alive, people!

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To make your life easier, and the path to Number 22 and a beer faster and stress-free, we’ve ditched the wordpress in the URL. Yes we shelled out the big bucks for you.

The new domain name is now: 22andabeer.com

But not to worry: all links linking the old address will be redirected.

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Is there a 22 in here?

We will be taking a few days off. See you soon I hope. And hopefully I will have a new 22 or more in my suitcase when I return.

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I don’t like to beg. Well, at least not in any context that can be shared in a family-friendly blog such as mine. But drastic times call for drastic measures.

I need food from you! Yes you, with the funny hair and the Blur t-shirt. Or you in Bangkok. Or you, in the striped pyjamas, looking at this blog after a night on the town. Or you, who thought this was a GaNG_BanG site with alcohol.


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