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Kudos to our first mutliple contributor, Holger Börner! ¡Ay, Caramba!

Not only is Holger apparently a true believer in the “Number 22 and a beer” idea he really, really must like to eat.

I am a lover of true mexican food, and yes I do also mean pickled pigs ears and nopales, a delightfully spicy-sour condiment made of marinated cactus. Fortunate enough to have lived in the USA for many years, I have been able to sample many fine mexican meals, including a wonderful home cooked Pollo en Mole from the salad lady at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Chicago. (Over fifteen years ago, but not forgotten!) Regrettably (at least as far as mexican food is concerned) I moved to Germany. And there is only one place where mexican food tasted worse than in Germany: a chain I would consider hell in form of a restaurant, Chi-Chi’s. Which incidentally had to close all of its restaurants in 1994, after an outbreak of hepatitis in a restaurant in Pennsylvania (Oy, the irony!) With all respect to Holger, I do urge any and all readers to take caution when choosing mexican food in Germany. Although hepatitis is probably unlikely, bad food is probable.
It’s sad. But true.

Here then is Holger’s report. (In the background when can discern Holger’s companion’s meal (number 23): a steak with a side order of bleeding fingers, it seems.)

photo: Holger Börner for Number 22 and a beer

photo: Holger Börner for Number 22 and a beer

Wittenbergplatz 3
10787 Berlin/Germany
U-Bahn Wittenbergplatz

Opening hours:
su-th 9:00-24:00
fr-sa 9:00-2:00

Date eaten: March 18 2009

Price: € 11,50, Beer € 3,50

¡hola ricura! el número 22 y una cerveza, por favor

Pollo a la piña
Strips of chicken breast together with pineapple, vegetables, rice and salad

A large portion with lots of salad, it was a filling meal- for me at least. This dish is listed under “specialties” and tastes very good.

Paydos belongs to a series of three restaurants next to each other on the north side of the Wittenbergplatz, with a view of KaDeWe, (Berlin’s big department store). The interior is very nice, and one might be tempted to think of oneself in Mexico.
The service was friendly and pretty, at least at lunch when I visited. Because of the central location in Berlin’s West Center I presume reservations are recommended in the evening, when the place could be rather full.


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….or should I say “Numéro 22 et une biere”?

Thanks to Gourmetpilot Joerg Lehmann I am proud to present the first international Number 22 and a beer. It comes from the gastronomic city of cities: Paris. Yes, the one in France. Really.

Joerg is an internationally known food photographer (and many other things besides food, to be exact) and I am proud to have worked with him in the past. Considering his penchant for all things Asian, especially Japanese, I am certain to have a very trustworthy Number 22 and a beer here for our consideration. The photo, regrettably, does not meet our exacting standards, being somewhat too much in focus and well composed. But it will have to do.

photo: Joerg Lehmann for Number 22 and a beer

19, rue st. roch
75001 paris
tel.: 00331.
metro lines 1, 14 and 7, jump off at tuileries or pyramides
open monday-saturday 12h – 14:30h and 19h – 23h

Date eaten: March 5, 2009
Price of meal: 13,50 for the menu, plus 5 Euros for the beer

Usually being a wine drinker, I had my first beer in 2009 here. The Number 22 I sampled consisted of sauteed shrimp, rice, misosoup and a small salad. There beer was a japanese brew, Yebisu. All in all very good.

Ebisu is a slightly fusiony asian restaurant, a little chinese, a litle vietnamese, the chef speaks japanese as do most of the guests. The place is usually packed, especially for lunch and most dishes can be had for a measly sum (by Parisian standards): between 11 and 15 Euros.

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