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Today’s Number 22 and a beer comes to us from reader Holger Boerner of Berlin. Thanks Holger for the dish and recommendation.

If you are travelling through Germany on a budget Berlin is a great bet. In no other German city will you encounter as many restaurants with good food and almost ridiculously low prices. In a Thai place in Friedrichshain I actually once had a vegetarian coconut soup that cost less than the beer. And the brew was domestic!

Holger opted for a german classic: malt beer. Not actually beer, this non-alcoholic beverage is sweet and dark brown and a favorite among german kids. “Zis iss a bier, zat makes us look like ze grone ups!”
I guess it is one of those things you have to grow up with to appreciate. I hate it, then again, I have never ever met a German who likes root beer.

photo: Holger Boerner for Number 22 and a beer!

Restaurant Lieu in BErlin
Kurfürstenstr. 112
10787 Berlin/Germany
U-Bahn Wittenbergplatz then a short walk
or take the bus (Line 100) to Schillstr. and walk 50 meters
Opening hours:
M-F: 12:00 – 15:00 + 17:30 – 23:00
Saturday: 17:30 – 23:00
closed on Sunday

Date eaten: March 11 2009
Preis: € 3,50 , Maltbeer € 2,50

Coconut milk soup with shrimp
Pleasantly spiced, not too hot soup with a good amount of fresh ingredients and 2 large shrimp

Restaurant Lieu is a friendly restaurant with very good food, courteous service and great prices.


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….or should I say “Numéro 22 et une biere”?

Thanks to Gourmetpilot Joerg Lehmann I am proud to present the first international Number 22 and a beer. It comes from the gastronomic city of cities: Paris. Yes, the one in France. Really.

Joerg is an internationally known food photographer (and many other things besides food, to be exact) and I am proud to have worked with him in the past. Considering his penchant for all things Asian, especially Japanese, I am certain to have a very trustworthy Number 22 and a beer here for our consideration. The photo, regrettably, does not meet our exacting standards, being somewhat too much in focus and well composed. But it will have to do.

photo: Joerg Lehmann for Number 22 and a beer

19, rue st. roch
75001 paris
tel.: 00331.
metro lines 1, 14 and 7, jump off at tuileries or pyramides
open monday-saturday 12h – 14:30h and 19h – 23h

Date eaten: March 5, 2009
Price of meal: 13,50 for the menu, plus 5 Euros for the beer

Usually being a wine drinker, I had my first beer in 2009 here. The Number 22 I sampled consisted of sauteed shrimp, rice, misosoup and a small salad. There beer was a japanese brew, Yebisu. All in all very good.

Ebisu is a slightly fusiony asian restaurant, a little chinese, a litle vietnamese, the chef speaks japanese as do most of the guests. The place is usually packed, especially for lunch and most dishes can be had for a measly sum (by Parisian standards): between 11 and 15 Euros.

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